It has been almost exactly one year since our monitor, Nikica Skroza visited us. Even though we were unable to hold our annual meeting on Lastovo this year as we planned, we met with him on Apr 28, 2020 virtually. All partner representatives were present as well. The meeting was lead by our project manager Željka Rajković from Assoc. Biom. She presented our preliminary results that were achieved until now, challenges we have had as well as the activities we plan to perform. We have also discussed financial aspects of the project.

Due to the new situation, Mr. Skroza has presented us results from questionnaires conducted with different LIFE projects and difficulties that arouse due to COVID-19 situation. We have luck that most of our activities could be carried out, but we have or we will experience difficulties in forthcoming period since we will be prevented to carry out activities like study visits and education of school children, exhibition about seabirds etc.

Meeting of the Project Management board preceded this meeting and it was held, also virtually, on Apr 27, 2020. This Board meets regularly throughout the project duration. During this meeting partners exchanged experiences, summarized activities and results so far, discussed plans for the future and prepared for the meeting with our monitor.

Although the complexity of such projects brings many challenges, we are pleased with the results achieved so far by joint effort of all partners and the local community which is increasingly involved into the project implementation. We hope that we will continue to be able to achieve good results including good contacts and cooperation with all stakeholders as well as to be able to protect the population of yelkouan and Shopoli’s shearwater and Audouin’s gull.