Every person can make a difference, and every person should try.

J. F. Kennedy

They say that volunteering in conservation and nature protection is an excellent way to see wildlife up close in a responsible way and a great opportunity for people to help protect endangered species and make a difference to the lives of those animals. It helps them to get to know their own skills, make use of them, but also to stretch themselves and learn new ones. It is a great thing to contribute to something worthwhile.

That being said, we are glad to announce that our project LIFE Artina fieldwork team has received reinforcements with four new volunteers – Imogen, Carolina, Anja and Nika. Among other things, they will learn about our endangered seabirds, problems they encounter with and other conservation challenges researchers deal with, learn new skills, gain new experience in field work, and learn about the island Lastovo and visit many islets during their stay.

For the purpose of getting to know them, each volunteer will shortly present themselves, where do they come from, what are their experiences by now and what do they expect from volunteering on Croatian islands.

Once again, we warmly welcome them, wish them luck and we hope they will have a great time and gain a lot of new and positive experience!

The volunteers are participants of the Island Birds project implemented by the Association Biom as part of the European Solidarity Corps program.

Our volunteers on Palagruža island