In light of the conclusion of our five-year project, the final event of the LIFE Artina project took place on August 1, 2023, on the island of Lastovo. Through this event, together with members of the local community and nature enthusiasts, we celebrated projects’ accomplishments of which we are proud.

Our partners from Nature Park Lastovsko otočje organized an engaging fishermen’s evening, which featured a rich program. However, the event transcended mere entertainment. It provided an opportunity for us to proudly present the outcomes of our project, achievements that we hold in high esteem due to their tangible impact on marine ecosystem conservation and seabird protection. Additionally, our colleagues from Nature Park designed a children’s corner, where young visitors actively participated in creating various objects while simultaneously gaining insights into birds and their challenges.

The considerable joy lies in the fact that the event transpired successfully, with its success resonating with the culmination of the five-year LIFE Artina project. The well-executed event affirms our dedication and motivation to continue working towards the preservation of natural resources, while also ensuring that our collaboration with the community persists through future initiatives.

Have a peak of the atmosphere!