Author: M. Golem

Association Sunce took advantage of the bright and warm autumn days at the end of November, and held two workshops on seabirds in the fresh air in Blato on island Korčula for children from the local kindergarten and primary school.

At the workshops, the children got acquainted with three endangered seabirds – Yelkouna and Scopoli’s shearwater and Audouin’s gull, where they live, what they feed on and what threats they face.

Learning through play (Author: M. Golem)

Through various games and audiovisual materials, preschoolers and students recognized the human impact on these species and became aware of behaviors that they themselves can practice to make lives easier to these species. Some of these behaviors include conscientious waste management, especially plastic, or taking small steps leading to a cleaner sea for not only seabirds, but for all of us.