SURVEY OF PERCEPTIONS AND ATTITUDES OF TARGET GROUPS WITHIN THE PROJECT “LIFE ARTINA – Network for the Conservation of Seabirds in the Adriatic”, Target group: tourists and visitors to Lastovo – results

As part of the LIFE ARTINA project, one project section is aimed at visitors to excursion boats and tourists staying on Lastovo, as a special target group. The specific objectives of this research were to assess the knowledge of seabirds among visitors and tourists from Lastovo, gain insight into the knowledge of the impacts and dangers that threaten seabirds, explore awareness of the need to protect, and preserve seabirds and accordingly can be a danger to seabirds. The surveys were conducted in the 2021 tourist season (July, August and September). A total of 115 respondents participated in the study.

More about the research and results can be found in the summary of the final report, which can be found among other publications.