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SUNCE – Life Artina


Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce is an environmental, Croatian civil society organization. Besides its members and volunteers, Sunce has professional team, which consists of experts in the fields of nature and environmental protection. Its’ work is implemented through public participation, educating and informing public to change attitudes and behaviors, surveys to create baselines and guidelines for efficient conservation measures, advocating for responsible management of resources. Areas of work are management of protected areas/Natura 2000 sites, species and habitat monitoring, waste management, sustainable tourism and fishery, environmental law and education. The Association Sunce bases its’ action on latest scientific indicators and examples of good practice, expertise and many years of experience in the field of the nature conservation and the environment. Furthermore, the association is committed to business, data and results transparency as well as participation and dialogue between all stakeholders in addressing issues related to the environment and nature.

Sunce is particularly active in issues related to the management of coastal and marine areas. The association has directly coordinated the development of management plans of six protected areas in Croatia and two sustainable tourism management plans to date. Sunce developed numerous socio-economic and biodiversity studies in protected areas and was involved in the design and implementation of the first marine litter monitoring in the Adriatic Sea. It is experienced in the stakeholder engagement, including networking with fishermen, scientists and governmental bodies to find solutions for sustainable management of natural resources, especially in protected areas. Sunce is also experienced in educating target groups and informing the wider public on various conservation issues. The organization is an official service learning base for environmental education and has well developed cooperation with schools and universities.

Website: http://sunce-st.org

Contact: info@sunce-st.org