PROJECT MANAGMENT – monitor visit

Last week, on May 12 and 13, Nikica Skroza, our projects’ monitor, paid us a visit. We met at Nature Park Lastovsko otočje where, during the first day’s meeting, we talked about in more detail about the project activities we carried out in 2021 and the activities expected in 2022. In addition to project activities , we also discussed financial part of the project. Representatives of all Croatian partners were present at the meeting, while representatives from Malta participated virtually. The meeting on the first day was held by our project manager Željka Rajković from the Biom Association.
In the evening of the first day we visited the colony of Yelkouan shearwater on the island of Zaklopatica where we had the opportunity to learn how our field experts spend their nights, how many traps for rats are present on that island and what techniques are being used to overcome the challenge with rats, how many nests they found and what is an estimate of the Yelkouan and Scopoli’s shearwaters nesting success on Zaklopatica. We also had the opportunity to look for nests on this not so tame island. We have to admit that it is not so easy!
After an exciting night, the next day we visited several other islands in the Lastovo archipelago by boat to see the locations where, in addition to Yelkouan and Scoopli’s shearwaters, Mediterranean gulls nest.
You can view the monitor visit here in the gallery.