BirdLife Malta is a non-governmental organisation working to conserve birds and their habitats in the Maltese Islands. Established in 1962, BirdLife Malta is the oldest environmental NGO in Malta. Through three consecutive seabird focused EU LIFE funded projects (2007 – present) and previous research, BirdLife Malta has built up significant expertise in the monitoring and conservation of seabird species especially the vulnerable Yelkouan Shearwater. These projects are carried out in partnership with other BirdLife partners including SPEA & RSPB, and local authorities such Transport Malta. They have amongst others led to designation of several Marine Protected Areas in Maltese territorial waters, identifying threats affecting Yelkouan Shearwater colonies including boat-based disturbance and light pollution, as well as securing colonies from the threat of predation from introduced mammals. Therefore, BirdLife Malta’s main role in LIFE Artina will be to contribute expertise on Yelkouan Shearwater monitoring, management of invasive mammals and a feasibility study for the eradication of rats on Sušac island in SPA Lastovsko otočje, with the aim to improve the reproductive success of the seabirds and restore the natural habitat. The whole project has been planned with support from experts in seabird conservation, including staff from the BirdLife Malta.

Website: https://birdlifemalta.org/

Kontakt: info@birdlifemalta.org